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Biker Fox the Movie

After a few years waiting for distribution. Biker Fox the movie is finally available on iTunes and everywhere else.

This was a movie that I edited and shot with director Jeremy Lamberton. I did a huge amount of post clean up and fixing probelems with old consumer format video from the late 90's. Even though it was shot in teh 2000's it was done with old cameras for most of the direct address stuff that Biker shot himself.

The Vault

YouTube link and a Vimeo link

The Vault was made for the Shot on Red film festival. It was a good oportunity to try out some visual effects and try some other techniques in the process. I really wanted to try some extreme lens flares.

Step 1

So I did the edit and picked out the take I wanted to use.

Step 2

I did the lightning gun effect. Still pretty normal.

Step 3

To get the right look in the lens I projected the lightning effect into the Red using the same lens I had used during the shoot. This way the lens flares would be similar to what might happen if any of this was actually real. I then got the same flashes and pops, optically captured, just like the on set lighting.

Step 4

Combined the layers and did the color grade. Since the flares and effects were already synced it was just a matter of compositing them all together and adjusting the intensity of each layer.

Here is a great description of how they used the same technique of optical capture of lens VFX lens flare for Gravity.

And if you are curious why my lens would flare so much it is becasue it is "the worst lens Nikon has ever made" which made it so awesome.


Eric Himan "Red Hot Tears"

This is a video directed by Kelly Kerr for

Shot on Red and then edited and colored by me using FCP X at 4K. The video is also available to watch on YouTube at 4K. Select Original as the resolution.


Night Board: A Red Test

I had a Scarlet for a few extra days and wanted to do some slow motion and do some low light tests. It feels like the Reds get noisy fast as the light fades. I had just finished with the coffee shop portion of the Topeca coffee film and Kelly called some students to come and do some late night stuff around downtown Tulsa. All of this was shot at 3K, 48 fps. ISO range is between 1600 and 3200. It is a little noisy but most of it was pushed into the shadows during the grade in Resolve with nothing else to clean it up other than the 3K to 2K scale down for the finished product.