Downtown Tulsa from the Air

A clip from an upcoming project that deserves to get out. Shooting Tulsa and the surround landmarks from the air.

Pan De La Vida

A documentary that I edited and colored last year.

Focusing on the extreme poverty in the Panoche Valley around Antigua, Guatamala and the missionary work that is being done to help the people there.

The Color Run Tulsa 2014

I did a video of The Color Run in 2013 and thought I needed to step it up this year so it is heavy on the drone with some great ground work by Kelly Kerr. The best part is most ground shots are the drone too with a lot of 'aerials' being done by Kelly.

Biker Fox the Movie

After a few years waiting for distribution. Biker Fox the movie is finally available on iTunes and everywhere else.

This was a movie that I edited and shot with director Jeremy Lamberton. I did a huge amount of post clean up and fixing probelems with old consumer format video from the late 90's. Even though it was shot in teh 2000's it was done with old cameras for most of the direct address stuff that Biker shot himself.

Eric Himan "Red Hot Tears"

This is a video directed by Kelly Kerr for

Shot on Red and then edited and colored by me using FCP X at 4K. The video is also available to watch on YouTube at 4K. Select Original as the resolution.

Aerial and Stedicam

A quick test of aerial footage mixed with steicam. Kelly Kerr was running his scarlet and I was doing the overhead shots.