Rogue Journey

I was hired to shoot a short film style commercial in Olympic National Park. This was a long hike where size and weight would be big restrictions. I was chosen because I had the right style and because I would actually do a shoot like this where I am sleeping in a freezing tent in the wilderness and building shots with the gear I can carry.

Yukon, OK Select Shots from a Recent Project

For the producers on a recent shoot in Yukon, OK I put together some of my favorite shots from the day to give them some ideas on how to use it all. A fun day chasing classic Mustangs through the country.

And of course on the way to the hotel I got the sweetest but unrelated sign shot.

9 Sinatra Songs - Play

A triple bill from OKC Ballet. The marketing in print was focused on 9 Sinatra Songs but the video and online marketing was targeted at a younger audience and so Moby was featured in the video.

The Moby- Play section was shot at 5K 96 frames per second in Oklahoma City against an LED backlit wall to get true blue and red lighting without any color contamination like would come from using gels. I wanted to use the blue and red for layering and combining shadows to add to the layered nature of the choreography. 

A edit of all three sections was made for other online advertising and the Sinatra section was used for television advertising.

From this piece Instagram and Facebook shorter pieces were made as reminders getting closer to the performance date.

Romeo & Juliet Ballet

OKC Ballet wanted to do a different style of commercial for their Spring 2015 season. Moving to some short pieces that were more about the feel of the ballets than the strict story or classical telling. Using the feeling of romance and shot as a dream in Juliet's mind as she first see's Romeo from the balcony before deciding to join him.

This was the longer piece made for Facebook and their own site.

This was shot 6K at 96 fps or 5K at 120 fps green screen to help with the dream feel of the piece. 

Downtown Tulsa from the Air

A clip from an upcoming project that deserves to get out. Shooting Tulsa and the surround landmarks from the air.

Pan De La Vida

A documentary that I edited and colored last year.

Focusing on the extreme poverty in the Panoche Valley around Antigua, Guatamala and the missionary work that is being done to help the people there.

The Color Run Tulsa 2014

I did a video of The Color Run in 2013 and thought I needed to step it up this year so it is heavy on the drone with some great ground work by Kelly Kerr. The best part is most ground shots are the drone too with a lot of 'aerials' being done by Kelly.

Biker Fox the Movie

After a few years waiting for distribution. Biker Fox the movie is finally available on iTunes and everywhere else.

This was a movie that I edited and shot with director Jeremy Lamberton. I did a huge amount of post clean up and fixing probelems with old consumer format video from the late 90's. Even though it was shot in teh 2000's it was done with old cameras for most of the direct address stuff that Biker shot himself.